Jon Clayborne

Actor, Model/Fort Lauderdale


Hair: Salt/Pepper          Eyes: Brown          Height: 5' 7"          WeightRoyal Caribbean Special Needs Program (2017)                    Multimedia                         ppigroup

Norartis Heart Medication (2017)                                             Multimedia                         MU2 Productions

     .com (2017)                                                                 Internet Ad                         Jellyfish (2016)                                                                         PSA                                    In-housCarePlus HMO (2016)                                                             Television Ad                      VS  Brooks Advertising

Film (Additional Credits On Request):                         

Miami Heat                                                                               Hank (Featured)               Richard Reisman

Young Stan                                                                               Matt (Father)                     Genuine Inspiration Films, LLC

Common Confusion                                                                  Franklin (Drug Dealer)      Kenneth Anderson

N.Y.C. I-X                                                                                  Psychotic Man                  Kenneth Anderson


30 Rock ("The Audition)                                                            Subway Passenger          Broadway Video


Acting Coach                                                                           Mariah Reed                      Private

The On-Camera Audition                                                         Corey Parker                     HB Studio

Acting Through Methods of Etudes                                         Snezhana Chernova          HB Studio

Scene Study                                                                            Rasa Allen Kazlaz              HB Studio

Improvisation                                                                           Rasa Allen Kazlaz              HB Studio

Special Skills: Singer (Baritone); NCSF Certified Personal Trainer; Voiceover